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Pierre Zarokian to speak at Pubcon about Wikipedia page publishing

It has been confirmed that our CEO Pierre Zarokian will be presenting at the next Pubcon in Austin, texas on February 27, 2023. He will be speaking about Wikipedia Page Publishing, including details and qualification requirements to make wikipedia page. In addition, it will include: Do’s and Don’ts of Wikipedia page submission How to avoid […]

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Our CEO Pierre Zarokian interviewed by DeliveryRank

Recently our CEO Pierre Zarokian was interviewed by DeliveryRank. Zarokian started out with a little background on Submit Express history and how it ranked at Top 3 for “search engine optimization” in the mid 2000’s. Zarokian advised: “Search presence is very important, but it’s also very important to have a Yelp listing and at least […]

10 instagram marketing tips by pierre zarokian

10 Instagram Marketing Tips You should Follow

Article by Pierre Zarokian. As the world becomes a more connected place with the internet, it’s no wonder that more than 50 percent of businesses changed from marketing in-person to Instagram. However, switching to Instagram is not as easy as it sounds, so if you want to make the move too, you need to know […]

blog seo tips by pierre zarokian

Blog SEO Tips

By Pierre Zarokian I recently wrote an article for IMC Grupo titled 10 Blog SEO Tips.  This article will provide some SEO tips whether you run a company blog or if you are a personal blogger. In summary here are the top tips: 1. If you are a personal blogger, use your own domain that […]

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How Exact Match Domains Can Help With your Branding

By Pierre Zarokian. Recently I wrote an article that was published in the Vest Magazine titled “Using Exact Match Domain Names for Reputation Management.” In this article, I explained the benefits if using exact match domain names for branding and reputation management, as they usually get a slight ranking boost in Google. Besides you also […]

google nofollow tag

Google makes major changes to NOFOLLOW links

By Pierre Zarokian Last week, Google caused ripples in the SEO world after announcing that “nofollow” links would no longer be completely ignored by their ranking algorithm. Instead, the algorithms will treat the nofollow attribute more like a guideline than a hard and fast rule. Since this is the first major change to the nofollow […]

Positive Reviews can be Shared on Google My Business

Article by Pierre Zarokian. A few months ago Google My Business unveiled a new feature that helps business owners share positive customer reviews. The announcement was posted here. GMB will now automatically suggest 4 or 5-star reviews which can be shared as customer testimonials through Google Posts. Businesses that have a GMB profile will receive […]

5 Reasons to Use Google Analytics

Article Provided Herb Kimble. Google Analytics is the most popular website analytics tool, mainly because it is free and a Google product. In 2005 Google bought out another analytics platform called Urchin, renamed it to Google Analytics and made it free. At that time no one expected this and it was a huge welcome news. […]

Tips to Make Your Small Business Website More Effective

Owning a Web site just isn’t enough for a small business owner to access the benefits offered by an internet presence. Yes, an effective website will bring new leads and sales, strengthen customer relationships, and even reduce wasteful spending (just to name a few of the many benefits) but the key word is effective. What […]