Press Release Benefits


• Marketing & Advertising Benefits

Optimized press releases are often featured for several days in news search engines as the top news stories for their given industry or keyword(s). This can result in a substantial number of page views and produce a short-term traffic burst for your website. Placement in search engines and news websites is organic, which means that the return on investment (ROI) provided by SEO press releases is potentially much greater than the ROI of marketing campaigns that rely solely on banner ads or pay-per-click advertising.

• Brand Building

When search engines or media websites display your company’s press release, they confer legitimacy on your products and services in a way that traditional marketing or advertising simply can’t match. An SEO press release campaign builds credibility for your brand by associating it with popular, objective, and well-established sources of information.

Every marketing campaign strives to create a link in the consumer’s mind between its brand and the consumer’s needs. SEO press release marketing creates something far more valuable: customer-initiated relevancy. A reader who finds your press release after searching online for a particular keyword has actively connected your brand to his or her interests. This organic method of brand building is one of the most overlooked advantages of online press releases.

• SEO Benefits

The optimized press release services offered by Submit Express provide several important SEO benefits:

  • SEO press releases can help your website achieve higher search engine rankings for its most important keywords
  • SEO press releases can improve your site’s popularity by encouraging inbound links from news sources, blogs, and other social media venues
  • Even after the initial interest in your news story has faded, your press release remains indexed on search engines, helping to raise the visibility of your company and its products and services
  • For advanced Internet marketing campaigns, your press releases can feature graphics, audio and video files, and other multimedia materials
  • Unlike with standard press releases, analytics can be used to view statistical information about your optimized press releases, enabling you to better understand and communicate with your target audience as your marketing campaign proceeds

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