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Our CEO Pierre Zarokian interviewed by DeliveryRank

Recently our CEO Pierre Zarokian was interviewed by DeliveryRank.

Zarokian started out with a little background on Submit Express history and how it ranked at Top 3 for “search engine optimization” in the mid 2000’s.

Zarokian advised: “Search presence is very important, but it’s also very important to have a Yelp listing and at least 4-star reviews on Yelp and Google Local Listings. The higher rating you have, the more business you’ll get.

He was asked several questions about SEO and ecommerce tips, including:

    • How important is a strong online presence for companies within the food service industry?
    • What features should a good food delivery website have?
    • What are a few things to consider when implementing an eCommerce platform?
    • What advice can you share with those starting a new small business and are new to Search Engine Marketing?

You can read the full interview with Pierre Zarokian here.

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