Positive Reviews can be Shared on Google My Business

Article by Pierre Zarokian.

A few months ago Google My Business unveiled a new feature that helps business owners share positive customer reviews. The announcement was posted here. GMB will now automatically suggest 4 or 5-star reviews which can be shared as customer testimonials through Google Posts. Businesses that have a GMB profile will receive notification suggestions when they sign into their GMB account. 

Google Posts are an effective way to bring more visibility to a businesses Google listing on Maps and Google web search. Posts can be used to help showcase a business, promote new deals, events, and much more. Now, with the all-new positive review sharing feature for GMB, businesses can highlight happy customers in their posts.

When creating a post, business owners can add web links to a specific service page, as well as include a brief call to action (CTA) that will accompany their newest rave review. The CTA can be a simple phrase like “call now” or the CTA can refer to a specific customer pain point. 

For example, if a customer leaves a 5-star, stamp of approval review regarding a particular service, GMB will allow business owners to add a short CTA prompting new customers to call, along with an accompanying link to the particular service page.

Google Posts can also include up to 10 images and videos. This can be a useful tool for adding more context to a specific review. Sometimes, it doesn’t hurt to toot your own horn; and now Google is providing GMB users with just that option.

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