Article by Pierre Zarokian

Ripoff report is starting a new program in May called Ripoff Report Verified to give businesses the chance to resolve disputes in 14 days before negative reviews are posted for a hefty $90 per month. This may have a positive effect on their Google and Bing rankings.

Owner Ed Magedson thinks he is battling on behalf of customer rights, however others think he just unethically extorting cash by posting negative testimonials. Ripoff report initially began as an online forum board for individuals vent on poor service they had received. Suspiciously, he’s turned it into an extremely rewarding company charging thousands of dollars to have reports not removed, but only inspected. Ripoff Report produces millions of dollars every year by companies anywhere from $5,500 to more than $100,000 only have their reports inspected. If the reports are false, they won’t remove them, only post a new positive review above them negated previous reviews below.

The questionable aspect of Ripoff report is that it does not right incorrect info without repayment. Some implicate this to be extortion, however after different legal procedures, judicial bodies have decreed that although they disapprove of the company practices that Magedson utilizes, it isn’t extortion. Extortion technically means that the exact same entity requesting payment is the one doing the slandering.

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