How to Remove Negative Content from Google

Article by Pierre Zarokian. As a provider of online reputation management services, we often get inquiries about removing negative content and reviews from Google. Often our prospects cannot afford our services because all options for removing content from Google are time consuming and hence expensive. Most often content cannot be removed, but you can push […]

Negative Yelp Reviews, Beware you could get sued!

You ate at a fancy restaurant but were not satisfied with the service. So you decided to write a negative customer review on Yelp, and fib just a little to make the review seem more believable. Harmless, right? Wrong! You could get sued for parts of the review. And this is exactly what happened to […]


Getting a negative review on Yelp is not the end of the world. With a solid game plan in place, you’ll be ready for whatever curveballs the social Web throws your way — negative Yelp reviews included! Negative Review Removal Sometimes it is possible to have a negative Yelp review removed, but it takes great […]