Our President and CEO Pierre Zarokian recently wrote an article about a possible change in Bing’s policy to remove court-ordered defamatory content from websites. Published by on August 23, the article, Bing No Longer Complying with Court-Ordered Defamatory Content Removals?,reveals that several leading internet reputation attorneys claim Bing has changed its policy under the radar, although nothing official has been announced or published by the search engine.

Mega search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo usually comply with requests to remove offending webpages from their search indexes, and reputation management attorneys often use this avenue to satisfy their clientele. But according to several attorneys, Bing has started to deny certain court-ordered requests.

In the article, Zarokian interviews top attorneys and provides an inside look at the issue. The article also includes Bing’s response to the recent developments, as well as commentary by Eric Goldman of Ripoff Report, a company notorious for refusing to get rid of court-ordered defamatory content from its site. An interesting read, the entire article can be found at

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