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In a video published April 29, Google’s Matt Cutts addresses the main five SEO mistakes made by webmasters. Here are the top five mistakes and how to fix them.

1. Creating a site that is not crawlable or not having a site at all.

According to Cutts, there are many businesses that don’t have a website. Get a website if you don’t have a domain. And if you do have a domain, make sure that Google can crawl your site. This includes making sure users can reach all of the pages on your site by clicking on available links.

2. Not having the right words on the page.

Think about what the user is going to type, and use those words.

3. Only thinking about Search Engines.

Go beyond link building; think about compelling content and broader marketing tactics. What can you do to market your website within your community or more broadly?

4. Not thinking about the titles and descriptions of your important pages.

Write a compelling homepage title and description to entice people to your site. While you might not want to do it for every page on your site, it’s important to have compelling copy for the most important pages.

5. Not using webmaster resources.

Cutts recommends taking advantage of the free resources available online, including Google’s free webmaster tools at, Google’s webmaster blog, and webmaster videos.

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