Article by Pierre Zarokian

Bing has unveiled two new features in Bing Webmaster Tools: Malware Re-Evaluation and Geo-Targeting. The new Malware tool makes it possible for users to detect and monitor malware, while the Geo-Targeting feature helps users provide Bing with information about their target audience.

Malware Re-Evaluation

If you’re concerned about hackers or malware, you can now use Bing’s latest webmaster tool to find out if your site has been infected. Available in the Reports & Data section, the new feature will inform users with an alert through the Message Center when a site is serving malware or has dangerous elements.

In addition to detecting malware, the new tool provides users with detailed data about the malware it has detected. Users can learn more about the malware and submit a malware re-evaluation request once the site has been cleaned.


Available under the Configure my Site section, Bing’s new Geo-Targeting feature lets users provide Bing with information about their target audience. Unlike other Webmaster Tools, Bing’s new tool makes it possible for users to define a target audience for an entire website or for sections of a website. The new tool also provides geo-targeting on multiple levels, including the domain level, subdomain level, directory level, and page level.

According to Bing, the Geo-targeting tool is an important part of a long-term global SEO strategy. Use this tool if your website or sections of the site have been designed for an audience in a specific country.

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