Submit Express is an SEO company in Glendale, CA, which is part of Los Angeles County and close to Burbank and Pasadena. Since 1998, we have been offering Search Engine Optimization Services and have successfully served over 5000 clients.

Search Engine Optimization encompasses two major areas: 1) Onsite SEO and 2) Offsite SEO

Onsite SEO refers to the content optimization of the website, such as adding keywords to the title tags, meta tags and page content. 

Offsite SEO is mainly the links coming to your page. Google and other search engines will rank you better the more incoming links you have. However, the quality of the link is also important. The more popular or well known websites would have a higher link or "PageRank" value. Relevance is also important, so if you get a link from websites closely related to yours, it is better than getting links from just general websites.

We are experts in SEO and have been doing it for over 20 years. Please contact us today to find out what we can do for your website.

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