Submit Express has been popping up in current press coverage — have you been paying attention? Online writers like Lana Bandoim, Frank Bergman, Bill Richards, and Andrew Moran have all mentioned Submit Express in their recent writings about the search engine optimization and Internet marketing industries.

You can catch up on what they wrote by following the links below.

Responsive Web Design Still Matters,” by Lana Bandoim, writing for Yahoo Voices



Submit Express Edges Out Other SEO Competitors,” by Frank Bergman, writing in Vatalyst/

Submit Express Recognized as Leading SEO Firm,” by Bill Richards, writing in Dividend Kings

Submit Express Evolving Household Name in Changing SEO Industry,” by Andrew Moran, writing in Digital Journal

Read through the pieces to get a better sense of how search engine optimization is changing, and what companies like Submit Express are doing to adjust and adapt their services to an evolving Internet panorama. Use these scoops to make sure your own business’s Internet marketing and SEO strategies are in line with the latest industry recommendations.

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