blog seo tips by pierre zarokian

Blog SEO Tips

By Pierre Zarokian

I recently wrote an article for IMC Grupo titled 10 Blog SEO Tips.  This article will provide some SEO tips whether you run a company blog or if you are a personal blogger.
In summary here are the top tips:
1. If you are a personal blogger, use your own domain that is relevant to the subject, rather than getting a hosted sub-domain.
2. Use many relevant keywords in your content
3. Use relevant keywords in your title
4. Avoid Duplicate Content – Google will not rank you well if you have copied content.
5. Stay on Topic – You will rank better around specific subjects
6. Post Regularly — Freshness is an important SEO factor
7. Share your posts on social media and make it easy for visitors to share
8. If your blog platform has a tag field, use related keywords in the tags
9. Use relevant images and keywords in image file names and alt tags.
10. Backlinks will help you rank better. Work on your link building, such as doing guest articles on other blogs.

Read the full article here.

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