Danny Sullivan Takes New Job at Google

Danny Sullivan, the pioneering mind behind the website Search Engine Watch, and the accompanying Search Engine Strategies conference, has now been hired by Google. Danny sold the Search Engine Watch and Search Engine Strategies brands, and created another site called Search Engine Land.

It was only a few weeks ago that Sullivan announced his retirement from SEO, so the word of his hiring by Google is quite a shock to many in the SEO community.  Although he claims that he has no official title yet, he believes his position will “Help the public better understand Google search & Google better hear public feedback and improve.”

It’s presumes that he’ll be doing work similar to the now-retired Matt Cutts. It’s possible Sullivan would not be as involved in spam, but Sullivan has been one of the few SEO gurus to step into the space providing quality knowledge since Cutts’ departure from Google and subsequent retirement. It’s believed that Sullivan’s name recognition and trustworthiness are primary reasons for hiring him.

The announcement came from his Facebook page: “Some news! I’m joining Google in a new role to help the public better understand how search works and help Google better hear public feedback & improve. When I retired from search in June, I thought I was done. But I’m excited about the opportunity to help both Google & the public connect better & improve search.”

We welcome this new addition and look forward to his public service.

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